Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Make A Difference Fund distribute the money raised to help women in need of assistance? 

Our fund receives calls directly from women in need, clinics and several national abortion networks working to raise funds for women across the country in the most challenging of circumstances. We work directly with the clinic to determine how much we will be able to "pledge" and our pledges range from $50 to $200. 

How much of the Make A Difference Fund is used for administrative costs?  

Zero, all of the money donated to the Make A Difference Fund is distributed directly to a healthcare provider to help pay for a procedure. Our NFP is run by volunteers and expenses for operating the MADF are generously donated by supporters who donate to our “Circle of Influence” account to cover the phone bill, printing, postage, web hosting and tax filing fee’s.

Are there other funds like The Make A Difference Fund in the United States?

Yes, our fund is an affiliate of The National Network of Abortion Funds ( who work with over 100 grassroots funds just like ours that raise money to directly help women cover the costs of an abortion procedure.

How un-accessible is abortion today?

 87% of counties in the United States have no access to an abortion provider, and a third of women ages 15- 44 live in those counties. 25% of women have to travel more than 100 miles to reach a provider. Accessibility continues to cause women to delay getting an abortion in the first trimester when it is safer, less expensive and easier on the women.   

What are current federal and state laws regarding abortion coverage and financing?

Federal law bans the use of any federal funds for abortion, except when the pregnancy is a result of rape, incest, or if it is determined to endanger the woman’s life. In effect since 1977, this rule known as the Hyde Amendment is not a permanent law; rather it has been attached annually to Congressional appropriations bills, and has been approved every year by the Congress. The Hyde Amendment initially affected only funding for abortions under Medicaid, but over the years, its reach broadened to limit federal funds for abortion for federal employees, women in the Indian Health Service, and in the military.

How much does an abortion cost?

The cost of an abortion varies depending on factors such as location, facility, timing, and type of procedure. A clinic-based abortion at 10 weeks’ gestation is estimated to cost between $400 and $550, whereas an abortion at 20-21 weeks’ gestation is estimated to cost $1,250-$1,800 or more. Our fund has seen complicated late term abortion cost up to $6,000.