Our Mission: The Make A Difference Fund was established to help women in the United States afford access to safe abortions. The fund has been open for over 20 years and 100% of the money raised is pledged to women in need and sent directly to established clinics.

Who We Are: Our fund is a California Non-Profit organization and an affiliate of the National Network of Abortion Funds (www.nnaf.org). NNAF supports over 100 funds just like ours that raise money to directly help women cover the costs of safe abortion procedures.                

How We Operate: Our fund was established by volunteers over 20 years ago and continues to operate strictly by volunteers. There is no paid staff or administrative expenses that dilute your donation. Every penny donated is pledged to clinics to help women who are in need of financial assistance.

Our supporters and volunteers are passionate about preventing women from harming themselves or turning to an unlicensed person to perform an unsafe abortion because the procedure is too expensive, not covered by insurance or simply not available where they live.          

Most are surprised to learn that in 2009, 87% of counties in the United States have no access to an abortion provider, and a third of women ages 15- 44 live in those counties. 25% of women have to travel more than 100 miles to reach a provider. Accessibility continues to cause women to delay getting an abortion in the first trimester when it is safer, less expensive and easier on the women.